My Why

January 1st 2015 I sat there with tears down my face. I had been through a lot of darkness before but this was an all time low. The only difference between then and previous occasions was sheer determination. For the first time in my life I swore that I would NEVER allow another person or a situation prevent me from what I wanted to do. Never again would I work hours I didn’t like. Never again would I work for less pay than my time was worth. I sat there with nothing, no energy, no support, no money but one thing I did have was sheer determination. I had a lot of mountains to climb between then and where I knew I deserved to be but the only way was up and I was ready to climb.
I started a new job, a battled the whirlwind that brought along with my personal struggles. It was tough but I battled. I decided that day January 1st 2015 to never ever have the sickening feeling of regret ever again. I knew I wanted to explore life and explore the world. I knew I wanted to help others. I knew I wanted freedom and happiness and love. The only thing I didn’t know was… how. Fast forward two months and an old friend called me. He wanted to meet for a coffee, he had something to talk to me about. We met. We talked. We planned a trip to Budapest for March. We travelled. I saw. I learned. I knew. This was my time. This was my vehicle. This was my future. This was my way to travel the world, to be free, to be happy, to help others. It didn’t matter what happened in my past. My current situation didn’t matter. I saw my dreams in front of me. I knew that gut wrenching feeling of hopelessness and regret and knew I would never feel that way again. I took life into my own hands. I asked no-one’s permission. I made a decision in Budapest and on March 21st 2015 I took action and my life has never been the same since.
My why.. what keeps me hungry.. what keeps me pushing forward.. what makes me passionate to help as many people as possible is this: I am creating a life right now that in ten years’ time will allow me my ultimate goal which is to have a large family of both biological and adopted children. I will have financial freedom and this financial freedom in term will give me both time freedom which is the ultimate freedom but also a platform to serve others. I will help others along the way who wish the fulfil their own dreams whatever that may be and create positive change in the world.

The How

To learn more about how you too can use the vehicle I, and hundreds and thousands of others globally are using, to make your own dreams come true, please contact me through a social media channel, or through the contact button on this website. I would be delighted to discuss a way in which you can actualise your bucket list, make your dreams a reality, help others, meet a community of positive, open minded, supportive people, and increase your financial portfolio if that is something that interests you.

Dylan Colbert, Ireland

Having worked with Brónagh closely for almost 10 years, I can honestly attest that I am yet to come across an individual with the type of drive, dedication and positive outlook that permeates every endeavour she sets her mind to. There are two things that you can always rely on Brónagh to do: 1. Get the job done, and done well, and 2. Do it with her own unique blend of commitment, passion and positivity!

Dylan Colbert, MSc, Psychological Researcher, Ireland

Robert Cielecki, Poland

I met Brónagh just over 2 years ago. We were able to develop great relationship both in business and friendship. Brónagh is very charismatic, talented leader who I have a pleasure to work with. She is very successful woman and she can help you achieve success. Why? Because success is so dependent on factors like teamwork, collaboration, coaching and connection and they come naturally to Brónagh. It is a pleasure to share this life journey with her.

Robert Cielecki, International Entrepreneur and Fitness Presenter, Poland

Shush Arya, UK

Since meeting Brónagh, I have witnessed a transition from an ordinary young woman to a successful, entrepreneurial female who now empowers others through her action and words. Brónagh has always been teachable and coachable and has adapted to different situations that have been thrown at her. It has been a pleasure to coach Brónagh in the past two years and I know and believe that she will have a great impact in empowering and coaching other young women who strive for success as she does.
Shush Arya, International Business Person and Motivational Speaker, UK