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The Homeless Mobile Run

Walking down the streets of Dublin City at 6am resembles that of a hostel. Laying under door shelters and in doorways are countless numbers of men and women catching some rest before their long day of roaming the streets. Once opening time comes, and the streets start filling with happy shoppers and busy staff on their way to the places of work, these men and women are moved on. Where they are moved to is anyones guess however that is not the business of anyone but their own.

The reality is that these men and women end up with severe injuries for not being able to relax throughout the day. The roam and roam and are moved on if they stop. Aches and pains in knees, ankles, backs emerge; shoulder pain due to carrying their homes on their backs is guaranteed. Unfortunately the homeless crisis in Dublin is going from bad to worse. More and more people are finding themselves on the streets with nowhere to turn. Due to this there have been a number of charity groups and voluntary groups form to aid the crisis.

I am worked and spent time with one voluntary group in particular. The Homeless Mobile Run was founded by Peter Murphy October 2015. Peter’s compassion and action towards helping Irish homelessness started on a night out in Dublin City. On this particular night Peter met a young man who was on the street. Peter offered to buy this young man food and in doing so heard his story. This boy was 16 years old and his parents had both passed away. Unfortunately at that age he did not spend his inheritance money wisely and so was shunned from the rest of his family and with no home and no support he ended up living on the streets. Peter decided from then on to help in any way he could so joined a homeless group.

Over a year later Peter decided to form the Homeless Mobile Run. He started off with a small trolly which he brought around the city to help feed those he met on Wednesday nights. This then expanded to a hot food table every Sunday night while continuing with his trolly on Wednesdays. Eventually Peter had to invest in a larger trolly to hold more food and clothes as his group started to grow. Now, the Homeless Mobile Run have a hot food table Wednesday and Sunday nights while also have a clothes stand Monday and Friday nights. The team is over 15 people and is going strength to strength with more and more people volunteering to help out in the background. As the group is totally voluntary, they rely solely on large hearts and donations of clothes, food, time and money. All help and support is welcome. “Saint Peter” as he is now known is well loved and respected by all who know him.

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